With the internet being the way it is, creating trends, and adding more unique people every day, it is important to maintain your website and ensure its usability. One of the main problems we see with websites is that many aren’t well maintained. Keeping updated with the world and internet trends can both make and beak potential new clients or sales. We at lacuna Creations, are here to make sure you don’t loose those clients and/ or sales. 

Our plan is to study your website and analyze how your users interact with what it already has, and determine what we can do to improve its performance and value. We will then get your insight and make adjustments accordingly. 

Read below to see how Lacuna Creations web management service can help your company grow.


Stay Functional

We ensure that your customers can smoothy scroll through your website without any technical difficulties.

Website Updates

Whenever there is something that needs to be changed or improved, we make sure that it is done without hassle.


Our tracking system will allow for us to see what works well on your website based on customer usage.

High Performance

Our main goal is to guarantee that your webiste is performing at its peak performance 24 hours 7 days a week.

Meet Client Goals

Whenever you need something done, or an idea to become a reality, we will make it happen in a timely fassion.


With both monthly reports and meeting, we will give you the opportunity to see how our service is performing.



It’s taking care of your website, making sure it stays updated and running, adding content when needed and making sure that all the information stays correct.

If it’s a problem occurring due to our error we will take care of it, but if you would just like some help editing the website we won’t be able to contribute.

If you would rather not worry about what is going on with your website and always have someone there help you out with it, then it’s right for you. If you have the knowledge to keep it updated, we’re hiring.

Our web management services start at $500, but get higher in price depending on how much you would like us to do and how frequently we’re expected to be needed.

For some businesses it’s not, if you don’t plan on keeping your website updated or have the ability to it yourself then it may not be worth it. We do suggest it for at least a few months after your website is completed just in case there is even more you would like done to it.


Any errors on the website, as well as adding new content and making your website even better would be where we step in.

We do a daily check of all of the websites we manage, but if there’s anything we miss that you would like fixed, please feel free to contact us.

For right now we have month-to-month contracts all the way up to two years with discounts attached to the longer commitments.


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