Digital Marketing



It’s no secret that marketing is a major deciding factor about whether or not a business is successful. However, online marketing is by far the most effective way to reach both a local and global audience. There are many uses and benefits to marketing online and can do everything from making more sales to building a better following on social media. 

Lacuna Creations offers many different types of digital marketing to best suit each businesses needs. No matter the strategy you choose, our marketing specialists are here to exceed your expectations. We will first 

Read below to see how Lacuna Creations can take your online marketing to the next level.


Increase Traffic

Our online marketing services are specifically designed to help your company be seen by your target audience.

Conversion Growth

Our online marketing services are specifically designed to help your company be seen by your target audience.

Brand Recognition

We work to create campaigns that will make your customers remember your name next time they need your product.

Global Audience

One of the best parts of implementing online marketing is that your company can be seen around the world.

Improve SEO

By getting your company to the top of major search engines, your will see a rise it traffic, sales, and returning customers.

Online Reputation

An increase in quality and quantity of marketing campaigns, your customers will see you as a reliable company.


Social Media

Social media marketing is perfect if you're looking to target specific demographics and audiences in order to grow your company online.


The use of email marketing is not only great for converting prospects into customers, it can turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is great for any company looking to use major search engines to gain more organic traffic onto your website.


Optimizing your search engine results can move you closer to the top of a specific result in any major search engine, leading to more website hits.



Wether your company provides value locally or world wide, there is most certainly a digital marketing strategy that can help your company grow. 

Our marketers specialize in finding the right strategy to make the most of your money. They will determine the kind of digital marketing that would best suit your company and successfully execute said strategy. 

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Whether you are looking to gain more traffic to your social media profiles, grow website traffic, or even get views on a video, we have a strategy that would make your goals a reality.

Our pricing varies depending on what your company is in the market for. For the most part, our digital marketing services start at $500 a month.

It is absolutely worth spending the money to grow your company. They say that you have to spend money to make money, and marketing is the perfect example of that.

We offer a total of four different digital marketing services. We offer social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click marketing, and search engine optimization. You will have the option to choose more than one if wanted.


Ad cost is not included in the initial price. You will need to meet with your team, who would go over your goals to configure an ad strategy and price.  

You can normally see results within the first two campaigns. It is all dependent on your specific strategy and what your team has come up with.

Lacuna Creations takes pride in communication throughout the entire project. We make sure that you always know what is happening as we provide truthful insight as to what we are doing. Our team wants you to feel comfortable and to feel as if you are part of our family as opposed to “just another customer.”

This all depends on what you would like to sign up for. We offer contracts anywhere from month-to-month to two years.


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